“Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast”

We are a boutique consultancy specialising in face to face and virtual disruptive learning. 

We use the story of Alice in Wonderland to offer innovative keynote speeches, workshops and coaching to help individuals, teams and  organisations to  unlock their potential. 

Our interactive and light-hearted approach enables a thoughtful exploration of self-stories and self-permissions, whilst giving practical tools to help believe in 6 impossible things and to slay your Jabberwocky.

We will help you to Free Your Inner Alice!

So what do we mean by disruptive learning?

We believe in disrupting the traditional way of delivering face-to-face learning and development by challenging the commonly used well-known learning theories. Changing the delivery methods and structures by which individuals gain knowledge and skills; we invite people to explore learning differently and to start by learning to learn.

We use disruptive learning within an immersive environment to build a community of individuals who continuously review and adjust the stories they tell of themselves and the world to fluidly solve unchartered problems.

We support individuals, teams and organisations to enhance their ability to learn by helping them develop neuroplasticity. This enables them to change behaviour and improves decision making capabilities in the changing working environment.

We futureproof organisational capabilities by developing agility, promoting a curious mind-set and inspiring innovation.

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Follow us through the rabbit hole to find out who we are and where this all began.


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