our story

When Albina met Chris

the origin of Free Your Inner Alice

Some years after a lecturer at Oxford wrote two much loved books, a young boy in South England was captivated by Alice’s journey into Wonderland. A few more years passed by before Alice weaved her magic again on a young girl, far far away in Europe.

As Alice met the Hatter, so these two fans of the mysterious travels were eventually destined to meet, not before independently developing a passion for learning and development, gaining experience and developing their skills with people in a wide range of environments. 

“That’s like the scene in Alice in Wonderland, when ….” said Albina.
“Do you like Alice in Wonderland?” asked Chris.

And so began their own exciting journey through the looking glass. Their shared passion led them to explore the stories that are written through the Dodgson books and share own personal stories with each other.

Albina and Chris soon realised that the world of Alice can help people unlock their personal potential. Combining the love of Alice and the expertise developed in learning, they took the stories and developed them into valuable practical learning tools. This has become a range of effective development activities; key note speeches, coaching, workshops, team development and
development of organisations. Their disruptive learning techniques are a fun, innovative, highly practical and effective way to develop individuals, teams and organisations.

Free Your Inner Alice!

Albina Shashyna

A disruptive learning specialist, who effectively operates as an Executive Coach,
Public Speaker and Organisational Developer. She has extensive experience
in Hospitality, Higher Education, Retail and Tech industries worldwide, and
has made a difference for entrepreneurial start-ups through to multinational

Albina is passionate about building communities and driving continuous
improvement through the implementation of innovative learning interventions that modernise the way we work.

She is never happier than when on the dance floor (her happy place) or exploring new cities and cultures. Like Alice, she enjoys going on adventures and loves a challenge, especially embarking on new experiences, meeting fascinating individuals and pushing her personal boundaries.

Chris Watt

Chris has worked with a range of FTSE 100 companies, Russel group Universities and politicians around the world. He has spent 30 years researching, developing and advising on individual, team and organisational development; looking at  leadership, organisational change, culture, influence and collaboration. His experience ranges across Higher Education, Finance, Media and publishing and Governmental sectors.

He works closely with clients to strengthen their leadership and team capacity. He serves as an adviser, executive coach, facilitator of team days, designing and running bespoke workshops and is a regular keynote speaker.

Chris lives on the south coast of England with his partner and two cats (neither of them Cheshire) and is regularly seen running across the hills of the South Downs. His favourite character is the Mad Hatter with a fondness for Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

Chris Watt