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Free Your Inner Alice Monthly Podcast

Join us on the 6th of every month as we explore lessons from Alice in Wonderland and help you to develop a curious mind-set and believe in impossible things.

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Down the rabbit hole, on the web - Podcast

Thanks to our friends Ross & Owen at The Good Practice Podcast for having us on to discuss all things Free Your Inner Alice and our experience of pivoting to online delivery following lockdown.

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Guest - How do morals, values and character impact ethical leadership?

We welcome our newest guest blog of 2021 from Caroline Wynn – Leaders Athenauem

Who are you?
What do I mean by morals, values and character?  For now, let’s use something simple.  How do you show up in the world?…
Alice Sign Post
Wheels & Pipes

Discovering resilience through Alice’s Adventures

2020 was certainly a “different” year, a year that when the future history books are written will appear large and have much said about it.

As the year went on some words appeared time and time again in our conversations. The one I want to explore here is “resilience” something that resonates with everyone.

Guest - Time to get curious about active listening

We welcome our first guest blog of 2021 from Sarah Harvey (Savvy Sarah)

You will have heard numerous times that we should all become better listeners. Listening, and more specifically active listening, is a skill that can be acquired and developed with practice. However, in reality it can be difficult to master and takes time and patience to develop…

Curious About Listening
Army Of Cards

Changing personal perceptions about workplace hierarchy : “They’re only a pack of cards!”

Regular “Off with their heads!” orders by the Queen of Hearts made everyone feel anxious and fearful. Alice began to feel uneasy, puzzled and wanting to get away.

We often feel like Alice when faced with an environment that is unknown to us, especially when dealing with individuals who are considered to have hierarchical power. These individuals can come across intimidating as we fear that we’re next in line to hear “Off with their heads!”.

What if you could change the way you perceive those individuals?

Guest - Stories of Lockdown

We welcome our guest blog from Andrew Scott.

…Back in March, it seemed as though we all fell down the rabbit hole – all our old certainties were no longer certain, and the world seemed very different and strange.

Queen of hearts
Running Pic

From sloth to gazelle:
5 tips to successfully change and keep new habits

Have you ever wanted to change a habit or introduce a new one? Do you want to know how to make that new habit stick?

Over the last few years I’ve gone from sloth to gazelle. On that journey I picked up some practical hints and tips that work. You can easily apply these lessons to help you succeed with that change and make it stick.

6 lessons everyone can learn from Alice’s adventures through Wonderland

There are lessons that we can all learn from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass that can help us better navigate the mysterious journey we call ‘life’.

Alice’s adventures can help us to embrace our curiosity, identify ways to grow and to overcome challenges.

Introvert Pic

Can a self declared introvert actually be a secret extrovert?​

Have you ever told yourself and others a story that might not be true? No, not a lie, a story that you were convinced was true.

For the last 30 odd years I’ve been telling myself I’m an Introvert. Not only have I been telling myself I was an introvert I’ve been telling the world too. It was obvious to me and I was happy being an introvert. 

And then came March 2020….

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