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The aim is to help people create, connect and relax so there will be strictly no selling.

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Run on the 3rd Thursday of every month via Zoom. Each event will include:

  • Networking opportunities
  • An exploration of ideas and concepts
  • Having some fun

Join us and invite others!

16.30 – 18.00 (BST) London
11.30 – 13.00 (EDT) New York
19.30 – 21.00 (GST) Dubai

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GNPD April Photo

April 2021 -
What will leadership look like in
the future?

This months session group co-founder Albina Shashyna took us on an exploratory session around what leadership will look like in the future, under “new normal” conditions in the workplace.

For the presentation and additional resources chick HERE 

March 18th 2021 -
How do emotions help or hinder ethical behaviour?

We were pleased to welcome group member Caroline Wynn who ran a great session to explore how do emotions help or hinder ethical behaviour?

For the presentation click HERE
Additional resources:

GNPD March21

February 2021 -
Extending Learning & Development with Extended Reality (XR)

With another wave of technological innovation on the near horizon. Extended Reality (XR) is the convergence of computing devices, wearables, and networks that will enable a new universe of human interaction through Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (XR), and Mixed Reality (MR).


Group member Michael Robbins, FRSA (genfluid) helped us wade into our spatial learning future.

Resources: Video1Video2 & Slides

January 2021 -
Love, the vaccine for eradicating anomie?

As we begin the slow journey into a workplace changed forever by the impact of the last year, Leatham Green shared his thoughts on the role love, kindness and compassion has to play in shaping an altogether different world.

We also had some fun and set the scene for #speadthelove , an online flash mob!

Leatham Green, Chief Executive at the Mindful HR Centre

See Leatham’s quotes and references, as well as further resources from the participants Here.


December 2020 -
Intuition in Leadership

Our guest speaker Wendy Rose shared her reflections on conversations with 20 senior business leaders about intuition. They all said they made extensive use of their intuition but none of them ever mentioned it to colleagues – and this included two people who sat on the same leadership board!

If intuition is a valuable source of data, how can we be more upfront about our own intuitions?

Wendy Rose, ICF Master Coach

Read the full publication:  Intuition and Leadership: A reflection on conversations with twenty senior leaders about intuition. And 10 ways in which you can develop yours.

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