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It is now over a century and a half since Alice went on her first adventure through Wonderland. Since then, the much-loved stories of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass have inspired numerous paintings, games and even theatre productions. What is less known is the way her journey influenced the exploration and understanding of our brain and modern neuroscience.

Children who play pretend, explore hypothetical situations and practice ‘believing the impossible things’ tend to develop more advanced cognition. They better understand the theory of mind and people’s intentions.

 Alice’s adventures are full of surreal encounters that could help anyone exercise these skills. By inviting our minds to explore the strange alien world and fantasy stories, we can develop our brains to be more creative, flexible and quicker at learning new ideas.

What We Offer

Virtual Learning

We use our unique methodology to virtually deliver webinars, online coaching and even keynote speeches, we can disrupt individuals and organisations remotely

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Keynote Speeches

Our keynote talks will  entertain, they will engage and they will provoke. They will also touch individuals no matter what the size of audience and help them unlock their inner potential


If you are looking to develop individual’s communication or managers and leaders our workshops will bring out the best in your people


Our unique methodology will enable individuals to re-write their stories and develop a new narrative to take positive action

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Team Development

We can facilitate team events that develop teams, envision the future and business plan


Organisation Development

Working with Senior Executives and Leaders to support them to enable their  organisation to truly deliver its future potential

Through all of these activities we use Alice in Wonderland to help disrupt the everyday and develop powerful stories that unlock potential